The problem: the rescue team to get a visual of the person in distress

The Solution: whether you are in distress at sea, in the snow, or on a hiking trail, the See/Rescue®Streamer highlights your location so you stand out against your surroundings. Day and/or night an covert (IR).

Unique product features

  • applicable in Water, on land, and in snow environment
  • Deploys in seconds!
  • No need for batteries, chemicals or electronics (passive SEE Rescue streamer)
  • A LARGE everlasting signal
  • Very compact, light weight
  • Reduction in SAR search time and costs
  • low lifetime cost

Product versions

  • SAR 6/25 MIL (life vest application, passive day signaling capability on land, ice and at sea)

  • SAR 6/25 RR (life vest application, passive day and night signaling capability on land, ice and at sea)

  • SAR 6 MIL, SAR 11 MIL, SAR 18 MIL (Raft application, passive day signaling capability on land, ice and at sea)

  • Manual Deploy Lighted RescueStreamer® (ejection seat survival kit, passive day and night signaling capability on land, ice, and at sea)

  • Self Deploying Infrared Streamer (SDIRS) (ACES II ejection seat survival kit

All military approved by US Forces and US Coast guard

Product data

Product NSN # Application Dimensions Deployed (meter) Package Dimensions
SAR 6/25 MIL 4240-01-451-8752 Flight Vests, PFDs, Survival Kits 0.15 x 7.6 4.5 x 16.5 140 gram
SAR 6 MIL 4240-01-451-8756 1-to-2-Man Life Raft 0.15 x 12.2 5.3 x 16.5 193 gram
SAR 11 MIL 4240-01-451-8760 4-to7-Man Life Raft 0.28 x 12.2 5.3 x 29.2 337 gram
SAR 18 MIL 4240-01-451-8761 Multi-Man Life Raft 0.46 x 12.2 5.3 x 47.0 595 gram

Passive RescueStreamer® General Technical Data Sheet

RescueStreamer® Film

Film used for all RescueStreamer® products is

  • High Density Polyethylene Extruded (HDPE)
  • Thickness .003 inches or 3 MILs
  • Color bright orange (NBS Special Pub 440, color 34)
  • Bright yellow available on special orders
  • Positively buoyant
  • Inert, non-hazardous

Flotation Struts

Flotation struts used on RescueStreamer® products are hollow, air filled and sealed providing additional buoyancy and enhancing the overall flotation and stability of the deployed RescueStreamer®  Each RescueStreamer® product uses different diameter struts defined in the specific product sections below.  Flotation struts are sonic welded to the film at optimal locations and perpendicular to the deployed length of the RescueStreamer®.  This configuration prevents twisting of the film when deployed.

Attachment Bridles

Attachment bridles on SAR series products are manufactured using 80 pound test monofilament line, nylon swages and injection molded nylon shock cord clips.


Passive light reflectors are SOLAS grade retro-reflective tapes installed at optimal locations on both side of the RescueStreamer® film.  Retro-reflectors are standard on SAR 6/25 RR and can be installed on any RescueStreamer® product.

Legislative Compliance

All RescueStreamer® products are Berry and Kissell Amendment compliant.

Lighted RescueStreamer® Products


LiteTubes installed on lighted RescueStreamer® products have the following characteristics

  • Length 10 1/8 inches
  • Diameter 3 3/4 inches, 4 7/8 inches at the Reed switch
  • Weight 4.8 ounces
  • Light output High intensity red / orange light emitting diode array
  • Flashes S O S 60 times per minute
  • Alternating bright then dim display
  • Never fully extinguishes when actively flashing
  • Light signal duration Minimum of 3 night cycles
  • Automatic photo sensitivity illuminates at atmospheric dusk, extinguishes at atmospheric twilight
  • Batteries four CR 123 lithium cells
  • Battery life Four years from date of manufacture
  • Buoyancy Inherent positive buoyancy
  • Visual acuity or detection range Six miles at 3000 feet altitude
  • Reed switch activated during film extension
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