Capewell Survivor Life Vest - No Collar

The Capewell Survivor lifevest  is a brand new and unique design without collar , which otherwise may cause probrems with ergonomy and integration with other gear, such as helmet, NVG batteri pack etc. The flotation bladder is instead integrated in the vest front structure from the neck down to the waist. The bladder is activated and inflated by pulling the red activation handle, which in turn makes the front sides of the vest fold aside, and make way for the bladder to inflate. 


  • Ergonomy and comfort: the vests offers a phenomenal ergonomy and comfort, thanks to that the vest design allows the pressure to releave on shoulders and neck when sitting in the cockpit seat.
  • Flotating angle and floatline: due to the design, the bladder is kept very closely to the body and also has a very low lifting point, which in turn generates a very good float angle and float height in the water
  • Self-righting: the Self-rightingis very good with this vest, also with lots of equipment and load mounted on the vest
  • Flexibility: The modular systme with molle pockets makes the system very flexible and easy to customize to various missions or use. Both standard molle pockets and customized pocket are available.
  • Weight:  40-50% less weight than standard molle-vests with flotation bladder
  • Total cost of ownership: the concept with one-size-fits-all makes it possible to adjust the vest for multiple users and also offers a cost efficient stocking and maintenance of the system
  • Service & repair: the vest is very easy to service and repair due to the modular concept where damaged components easily may be replaced
  • the vest is designed to US TSO-standards and prepared for the Quick-Release MURA system
  • Delivered with SOLAS emergency light and whistle 


  • The vest is offered in a Lite version for passengers and a more ruggedized verion with integrated safety harness and leg straps which allows lift operations and fall-safe attachement.
  • Delivered with single chamber bladder, and dual chamber as option
  • Aramid nomex fabric or FR Cordura 
  • Standard colours: Navy blue, black and samt coyote green

The survivor system is a modular system which is unique in the way that it has no visible flotation collar that can interfere with other equipment such as Helmet and NVG. 
» The flotation bladder is integrated in the vest itself all the way from the neck down to the waist. Both single- and dual chamber. 
» The bladder activates when you push the handle, and when it fills, the front of the vest opens and makes room for the bladder. 
» The close placement of the bladder gives the user a very god angle in the water. 
» The modular system with molle makes the system highly flexible and very easy to adjust to different users in different environments. 
» 40-50% lower weight compared to other molle vests with bladder. 
» We offer both modular standard pockets and custumized pockets. 
» The one-size-fits-all concept provides cost-effective storage and maintenance of the system. 
» The maintenance is quick and efficient because worn and old pockets can easily be replaced with new. 
» The vest features a very good ergonomy, in that the vest design makes the shoulders and neck relieved during flight. 
» The vest comes both as a lite-version and a leg-strap-version, which allows lifting operations and safe anchoring. 
» The vest is prepared for Aerials MURA quick-release system. 
» The vest is designed accordning to the U.S TSO standards. 
» The total cost of this system is lower compared to the same system with flotation collar and vest.

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