Alpha 900 & Alpha Eagle Helicopter Helmet

The ALPHA Eagle and Alpha 900 helicopter helmet models are designed for use in rotary and fixed wing, non-ejection seat aircraft. The helicopter helmet features a strong, ultra-light construction made from epoxy resin aramid and carbon fiber achieving the ultimate combination of light weight and high protection.

The Alpha Eagle model is aimed for the commercial helicopter air crew, while the Alpha 900 model is designed to military air crew requirements.

The Alpha Eagle/900 helmet provides

» Ultra light-weight and market leading pilot protection
» Superior comfort and fitting with flexible adjustment system
» Excellent stability, optimized for NVG operations
» multi-role helmet features and accessories for all crew member and different types of aircraft platforms
» Uninterrupted Field-of-View (FOV) for maximum awareness
» multiple colours
» 5 sizes for optimal fittings

Recommended accessories

» Noise cancelling system CEP (Communication Ear plugs)
» Face-guard for hoist operator and cabin crew
» Laser visors and High contrast visors
» Various mounts and brackets for NVG
» Helmet bags 

We also offer accessories, spare parts, service & repairs for the Alpha Eagle/900 helmet family.

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