Switlik UA-80 Evolution life vest

The UA-80 Evolution vest is the first FAA approved commercially available underarm constant wear life vest, utilizing SWITLIKS underarm flotation technology (UAFT). 

When inflated, SWITLIK’s underarm flotation technology provides improved mobility, maneuverability, higher freeboard and superior water channeling when compared to traditional yoke-style bladders. It also provides auto-righting of unconscious aircrew to bring them into a stable, face-up position for unimpeded breathing.

As the flotation resides inside the vest, valuable space is added to the front for accessories. The Evolution Vest has more than twice the amount of available MOLLE loops than any previous Switlik design.


  • First TSO-approved constant wear vest with the new under-arm flotation technology (UAFT)

  • Very light weight and slim vest design with no bladder around the head and neck => improved comfort and range of motion

  • The UAF design provides a more up-right flotation position, higher freeboard and wider field of vision

  • Large front panel for mounting accessories, also available when inflated

  • The new design makes it easier to swim and board a raft

  • Life vest Contract with the new UAFT design is won with US Army

  • Twin chamber inflatable cell with 2 oral tubes. Three layer inflation chamber design for redundancy

  • Made in 1000D cordura fabric, YKK Quickburst zipper design and Cobra Quick release buckles

  • Includes integrated emergency light and grab handle for assistance when boarding a raft

  • Weight: 3.62 lbs/1.65 Kg

  • Boyancy: 80 lbs/355 N !

  • Certified to FAA TSO C13g


Colors Available:



1000D Cordura


3.62 lbs/1.65 N



Part Number:


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