Aqualung EBS-system SEA LW

Aqualung SEA LW is one of the new EBS-systems for professionals and military aircrew certified to the new european EBS-standard.

  • SEA (Survival Egress Air) is a compact compressed air system.
  • An emergency air source designed to assist in an underwater egress emergency.
  • The system has remote mouthpiece for hands-free operations and unrestricted head movement.
  • This system is perfect for aviators, crew and passengers who fly over water and for other applications that require an emergency breathing device.
  • Available hose lengths 20 and 25 inches.

Product specifications:

  • CE Certified BS EN 4856 : 2018
  • Marine Grade Brass 1st Stage Body
  • Light weight second stage regulator made in aluminum 
  • CE-certified aluminium Cylinder
  • 232 BAR tank pressure
  • Weight: 1018 gram (2.2 lbs)

NSS is certified service center and certified training center for qualifying new service centers.

pdf pdf/sea-lw-datasheet-rev-1
pdf pdf/ap5319lw-sea-lw-user-s-manual-rev-5