CEP Noise protection system

CEP (Communication Ear Plugs) adds extra noise protection to the helmet and improves the quality of the radio communication

  • reduce the noise level between 15-30 dBA over the complete hearing frequency band
  • provides a high level of noise protection over the complete frequency band vs ANR, which mainly is active in the lower frequencies
  • a very cost efficient and simple solution vs ANR in purchase, installation, performancem integration and service
  • easy to install on both new or old helmet or headset
  • CEP-headset with molded earplugs is available as option
  • new, improved version of the headset R1 with less risk for discomfort

Design and performance

  • The CEP includes a CEP headset, earplugs in memory-foam, and a connector with harness for installation in the helmet
  • the CEP headset with earplugs provides a passive noise protection and at the same time a pass-thru channel for the communication sound wave
  • All parts are available as spares and molded earplugs can be provided as an option
  • The headset cord is made in urethane material for increased chemical resistance and increase the life time of the product

Detailed noise attenuation data are available in the product data sheets below

pdf pdf/1559135089_nss-cep-introduction-150428
pdf pdf/1559135096_fitting-the-communications-earplug-10-20-11-2
pdf pdf/1559135101_installation-of-the-cep900-i04-into-hgu-55-helmet-08-18-2009
pdf pdf/1559135105_installation-of-the-cep900-i04-intoalpha-helmet-08-18-2009-2
pdf pdf/1559135108_nss-installation-instruction-for-cep-in-hgu56