Lightspeed helmet integrated ANR-System

Gentex and Lightspeed have together created an integrated ANR-system for Alpha Eagle, Alpha 900, HGU56/P, HGU84/P and HGU-55/P.
The system may be installed in a new helmet or as a retrofit upgrade in an old helmet.

Product features and advantages

  • excellent audio performance and noise attenuation characteristics
  • less noise, clearer communication and by that less fatigue and increase mission endurance 
  • excellent battery time with auto-shutoff
  • Duplex Bluetooth for both low and hi-impedance version, for connecting external comms or audio source
  • separate volume controls for ICS and Bluetooth-source with prio for ICS
  • flight mission recording with free app
  • quick disconnect for quick emergency egress 
  • simple and quick switch of contoller and mic from low- to hi impedance ICS and vice versa
  • Versions: low- and hi impedance, helikopter-plug, GA-plug, Lemo
  • Fully approved and qualified by both Lightspeed and Gentex 
  • 3-years factory warranty

Please take a moment and read the Lightspeed eBook about ANR listed below for more details.

NSS is authorized distributor and service-center for Lightspeed. Please contact us for quote and installation.

pdf pdf/1557837752_lsa-56-sell-sheet
pdf pdf/nss-helmet-integrated-lightspeed-anr-system
pdf pdf/1561368033_zulu-h-mod-sell-sheet-2019
pdf pdf/1584427779_lightspeed-helmet-anr-user-manual
pdf pdf/1619009216_lightspeed-ebook-anr-for-helmets