GENTEX Helicopter Helmet HGU-56 RWH

  • THE HELMET for tough missions in tough environments, with probably the best impact protection in the world.
  • Designed to keep pace with innovations in flight technology and emerging mission scenarios, the GENTEX HGU-56/P helmet system offers a flexible and modular engineering cross-platform for use within multiple military, Coast Guard, Law Enforcement and civilian rotary aircraft.
  • The helmet's enhanced design features a multitude of options to improve aircrew personnel fit, functionality, mission adaptability and essential head safety and protection.


  • CEP Noise cancellation system for crystal clear communication even at extreme conditions. CEP is also a cost-effective choice to ANR. 
  • NVG Quick disconnect shield 
  • High Contrast visor for higher contrast in rain and foggy wheater situations. 
  • LAser visors as protection against both commercial laser pointers as well as military lasers
  • Gentex X-liners, Soft earseal and Tempur innerliner 
  • Maxio Face shield protects from windblast, external noise, dust, snow, cold and smaller fragments. 
  • Helmetbags. 

We also stock spare parts and do repairs and maintence on the HGU-56.

pdf pdf/1558124811_gentex-hgu56p-rotary-wing-helmet-system-with-accessory-rail-connectors