WCEP Wirefree Noise protection system

WCEP (Wirefree Communication Ear Plugs) adds extra noise protection to the helmet and improves the quality of the radio communication.
Unlike the standard CEP-system, the communication is transferred without comm wires via NFMI-technology (Near Field Magnetic Induction).

  • Added noise attenuation
    • CE-certified system which reduces the noise level between 15-30 dBA over the complete hearing frequency band (SNR 30)
    • provides a high level of noise protection over the complete frequency band vs ANR, which mainly is active in the lower frequencies
  • Innovative Design
    • easier to donn and doff without the comm wires
    • With no wires connected to the earplugs, the WCEP Kit offers maximized comfort through reduced irritation and elimination of hot spots, allowing for enhanced performance, safety and comfort
  • Battery-free Operation
    • Does not need batteries or recharging, and no syncing with a transmitter is required. The magnetic, battery-free, wire-free earplug system uses an audio signal to stimulate a coil which initiates signal transmission. Power inherent in the radio audio signal is all the power the system needs, ensuring the earplugs are ready for use at all times.
  • Redundant Speaker
    • Audio is available via the existing equipment speakers, even if a user does not have Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) earplugs when they need to use the headset or helmet in which the WCEP Kit are installed.
  • Cost efficiency
    • a very cost efficient and simple solution vs ANR in purchase, installation, performance, integration and service
  • Seamless integration
    • easy to install on both new or old helmet or headset, without any drilling in shell or earcups
    • NFMI Transmitter fits around the existing transducer found in a Gentex helmet systems or headsets
  • Superior Performance and comfort
    • provides improved comfort by reduced irritation from wires and fatigue on the user, while improved sound protection and communications clarity increase mission effectiveness, since no wires have to pass thru the earseals 

Detailed information about design, performance and noise attenuation data is available in the product data sheets belo

pdf pdf/gentex-wcep-data-sheet
pdf pdf/fm100888-wcep-manual-reva
pdf pdf/1559135089_nss-cep-introduction-150428
pdf pdf/1559135096_fitting-the-communications-earplug-10-20-11-2