ASU E3 Night Vision System

ASU has designed a brand new NVG-system for aviators in lightweight, durable material with world class performance and many new improvements such as 


  • Weight 390 grams => 30% less weight than current fielded F4949 NVG-systems
  • Less weight means reduced pilot neck load and fatigue, as well as long term neck injuries


  • Made with more durable, military-grade aluminum and titatium construction

Easier to operate

  • Highly intuitive adjustment and focus
  • Collimation set for life
  • Backward compatible with legacy ANVIS mounts and battery packs
  • Fewer parts for less maintenance


  • Highest available EMI/EMC shielding
  • Better depth perception
  • Greater unaided look under, look-around peripherial field of vision

Provided with

  • superior Autogating, which protects the system and keep maximum performance in areas with lot of ambient light
  • available in 1600 FOM and 1800 FOM (limited to special end use)
  • green phosphor or white phosphor (review white paper below regarding advantages with white phosphor)
  • Class A, B, and "leaky green" class C filter for full compliance to different cockpit lighting systems
  • EASA and FAA flight certification and fully compliant with FAA RTCA DO-275 standard
  • Provided with lowprofile battery pack 
  • Various version of NVG-mounts available for Gentex HGU56, HGU-55 and Alpha 900 available as optional accessory


  • See enclosed product datasheet
pdf pdf/1698759738_asu-e3-202308-ds
pdf pdf/1558886649_nss-asu-e3-anvis-nvg
pdf pdf/1558886666_15-asu-wp-wp-white-paper