MILIEARS custom-molded CEP earplugs

MILIEARS molded CEP headsets are designed with optimal noise reduction in military fighter aircraft and helicopters and offer the following mission-critical benefits:

  • High and constant noise reduction in all frequency ranges, unlike ANR.
  • crystal clear communication quality thanks to intelligent speech synthesis components
  • 2 channel-system: one audio channel and one ventilating channel with noise filter
  • high comfort with earplugs made of rigid acrylate material or thermoflex PU material which adapts to the contour of the ear canal
  • minimal design earplugs which provide a sense of freedom, create less and eliminate pressure on the ear from the ear cup.
  • interchangeable headset wires and dual wires for higher tensile strength and redundancy
  • quick and easy molding process
  • easy to install on new or existing helmet system
  • replaces standard CEP headsets straight-off without any modification
  • Complies with EMC standard MIL-STD-461G
pdf pdf/nss-miliear-moulded-earplugs-ds