Gentex AMP headset

The Gentex AMP communication headset is an advanced, lightweight headset with modular design, which is easy to integrate and configure for Gentex Opscore helmets and similar hi-cut tactical helmets to create the ideal mission-suitable headborne system for any mission or environment.

AMP's 3D Hear Through Technology and optional NFMI earplugs provide double hearing protection that restores and enhances natural hearing and sound localization while maintaining clear communication for enhanced situational awareness. For optimal flexibility and performance, the modular headset can be easily configured to meet a wide range of mission needs with options for

  • headband or helmet mounted use,
  • single or double hearing protection,
  • single or multi-channel communications,
  • fixed or quick disconnect downlead cable,
  • amphenol or U174 plug etc.

Key features

  • World Class Audio Quality in combat enviroments
  • 3D Hear-Through (3DHT) - Restored and enhanced “natural hearing” of outside environment for improved situational awareness
  • Optional NFMI (Near Field Magnetic Induction) Earplugs
  • Ergonomically designed earseals for increased noise attenuation and comfort
  • Long battery time with Auto shut down - 120 hours with 3D performance
  • Mission Configurable Capability - Headband or helmet mount
  • Noise-Cancelling Microphone which mitigates background noise and enables clear communication - Right or left side mount

More details about the product can be found in the documents and in the presentation video below. 

Presentation video:

pdf pdf/1605264542_amp-connectorized-headset-ops-core-datasheet-201015
pdf pdf/1605264547_amp-fixed-downlead-headset-ops-core-datasheet-201015
pdf pdf/1605264552_amp-headset-ops-core-om-english
pdf pdf/1597406132_ops-core-amp-communication-headset-product-brochure