ACR PLB ResQLink 400 NEW!

Features and benefits

  • Very ruggidized and reliable PLB which is manufactured but the world-leading PLB-manufacturer ARC
  • Supplied with the new Satellite emergency frequency 406 MHz including GPS position and a bright light for quicker finding and rescue. 
  • Very easy to activate - Just flip up the antenna and push the button, and the unit sends out a distress signal and GPS-position for the rescue team to track
  • Works whenever and whereever: in the forest, desert, at sea, during winter and summer
  • The ResQlink is offered in two versions, ResQlink 400 och ResQlink View, now with extended battery time of 24 hours and 28 hours respectively
  • ResQlink View also offers a digital display which displays the live status of the PLB as well as the current GPS-coordinates for your position
  • Temperature range: -30C till + 70C 
  • Waterproof down to 10 meters - just unfold and press the activation button
  • Built-in boyancy, floats in the water
  • Built-in self test and GPS-test
  • Approved to Cospas-sarsat, RED, ASMA, and compatible with MEOSAR
  • Small and easy-to-handle (4.1x4.8x11.4cm) 
  • Fits our life jackets and modular pockets and another other clothes and vests.
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