Dazzle Laser Eye Protection


  • Absorbing optical dye and lens coating technology shields reflected or scattered laser light
  • Provides optimal protection from commercial laser threats, particularly green (>2.5 OD) and blue (>1.5 OD) lasers
  • Lenses designed for day and night use, optimizing protection, transmissivity, and color neutrality
  • Visors and spectacles integrate seamlessly with Gentex helmets – Outer Day Visor is a direct replacement for the HGU-56/P gray visor
  • Available for several Gentex helmets such as Alpha Eagle/900, HGU-56, SPH-5 and HGU-55
  • Comparable price point to Gentex gradient and high contrast visors
  • Fielded by numerous US law enforcement agencies

We are also able to provide higher level of Advanced Laser Protection products (ALEP) for military applications.

Gentex is in the frontline of the laser protection technology and we will be able to offer more advanced products as technology evolves.

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