ALPHA 900 SAR Rotary wing helmet

The World’s First Waterproof Aircrew Helmet

  • Uses the common light-weight ALPHA 900 shell for applications where a crew member needs to disembark but stay in communication with the aircraft
  • Optimized for air-to-sea SAR-operations with a water-resistant design to ensure performance when exposed to water splash and spray
  • Communication has a IP-67 waterproof rating and hardware components are certified to the salt mist exposure standard MIL STD 810F, Method 509.4
  • Improved passive noise attenuation by 2 dB compared to a standard ALPHA 900, to protect hearing and preserve speech intelligibility when operating in open air
  • Compatible with all major aircraft intercom systems and portable radios (standardized adapters)
  • Shares common internal components and visors with standard ALPHA 900 helmet systems
  • ALPHA SAR helmets are in service in many locations throughout Western Europe
  • Replaces U.K. and other Fielded ALPHA SAR helmets, like Alpha 800 SAR etc
  • Readily Adaptable:
    • Features a watertight communications downlead which can be connected to an aircraft intercom system during transport, and switched to a radio when disembarking from the aircraft.
  • Night Vision Compatible.
    • NVG compatible visor housing allows for integration of NVGs or other headborne optical equipment, while the advanced fitting system maintains helmet stability.

High Performance components

  • Uses the same modern, lightweight ALPHA 900 helmet shell adopted by the UK MoD
  • Communications headset uses a waterproof microphone, fully-sealed earcups, and watertight connectors
  • Downlead terminates with a watertight connector that can be switched easily between intercom system and portable radio
  • Salt-resistant nape adjustment mechanism ensures no corrosion inhibits donning and doffing of the helmet
  • Stainless steel hardware used throughout to further resist corrosion


  • IP-67 rated to prevent the ingress of dust, and water when immersed to 1 meter depth in water for 30 minutes
  • Tested in accordance with MIL STD 810F, Method 509.4 Cyclic Salt Mist Test
  • Impact levels not to exceed 300G
  • Noise attenuation data:
    • 125 Hz = 9.5 dB
    • 250 Hz = 9.5 dB
    • 500 Hz = 21.1 dB
    • 1000 Hz = 25.3 dB
    • 2000 Hz = 37.8 dB
    • 4000 Hz = 43.3 dB
  • 8000 Hz = 43.8 dB
  • Weight: 980 gram nominal weight, typical configurations weigh between 1150 and 1400 grams


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