Aqualung Emergency Egress System SEA MK LV2

Aqualungs SEA LV2 system has become the standard EBS-system for professionals and military aircrew around the world.

  • Market leading: 3:rd generation of egress air system from Aqualung with over 50 000 sold systems worldwide
  • Designed for safety: 2 stage regulator system with hose => reduced risk for leakage and maximum manouverability during egress
  • High reliability: Design based on reliable and conventional diving parts
  • High flexibility: The system is easy to configure and customize (hose length and cylinder size)
  • Easy Integration: easy to integrate with other life vests and equipment
  • This is a complementary survival system ≠ diving equipment

NSS is certified service center and certified training center for qualifying new service centers.


Part numbers: 108400, 108410, 108420, 108440, 108445

pdf pdf/nss-aqualung-sea-lv2-system-overview-181217
pdf pdf/103642-sea-3000-4500-user-s-manual-rev-2017-06