HGU-55/P Aerobatic helmet

HGU-55 Aerobatics is a customized version of the HGU-55/P-helmet, equipped and configured especially for Aerobatics-flight operations, such as micboom, extra noise attenuation with CEP, WCEP, ANR etc.

High lights and advantages

  • Light weight and low profile design
  • Advanced design for maximum protection, stability and comfort
  • Good noise attenuation and clear communication
  • Different versions and types of wirebooms, microphones and communication cords/plugs 
  • Enhanced noise protection with CEP, wirefree CEP and ANR-system
  • various types of visors (clear, tinted/sun, gradient, high contrast, laser and step-in-visors)


  • Optional respiratory oxygen mask integration
  • NVG capability
  • Enhanced noise attenuation with CEP, CWEP and ANR upgrade kits
  • Optional memory foam comfort liners and earseals (X-liners, Soft Seal etc)
  • Enhanced visors:High-contrast, laser protection visors, step-in etc 

Specifications, standard configuration

  • Colour: Aircraft grey
  • Dual visor (clear and tinted sun visor)
  • Communication: Electret mic on flex boom, 150 Ohm headset, Dual GA-radio-plug
  • X-liner comfort-liner
  • Integrated chin and nape-system

We also keep stock of spare parts and provide service and repair of the HGU-55 helmets

pdf pdf/gentex-hgu55p-fixed-wing-helmet-system
pdf pdf/tp0351-hgu55
pdf pdf/1655305210_nss-sizing-instruction-hgu55-p-and-halp-mask-rev200320