GENTEX Opscore FAST helmet system

The Opscore FAST helmet system is designed to seamlessly integrate, and provides a comprehensive suite of modular, scalable, open architecture helmet systems for both military combat and civilian SAR, Law enforcement and EMS-missions. As a customer you may choose from our comprehensive portfolio of ballistic and non-ballistic helmets, each designed for specific mission and duty position needs.

  • Opscore FAST ballistic helmet - designed for combat providing the highest ballistic protection at the lowest weight, available with different designs and cuts to suit the differents missions and comms needed
  • Opscore FAST BUMP and Carbon Composite helmet - the non-ballistic version providing high impact protection against head trauma and seamless integration of mission componens for Search & rescue and other civilian missions
  • Seamless integration with Gentex communication headsets AMP, WCEP etc 
  • Provides safe and secure mount for various head mounted accessories, such as lights, cameras etc

We also provide spares and accessories for the helmets.

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