Utlösningsdon FLU-8, FLU-9 och FLU-10

SWITLIK is proud to be the exclusive international distributor of Stratus Systems, Inc. FLU automatic inflators for military use.

These high quality automatic life preserver inflators are fully qualified by the U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force for use in ejection seat aircraft and shipboard flight deck operations.

They are also the automatic life preserver inflators of choice for militaries around the world.
The Stratus Systems inflators have the distinction of being the only automatic FLU inflators which are classified as non-hazardous material for transport and storage

Product Features:

  • The product line includes FLU-8B/P, FLU-9B/P, and FLU-12P, automatic inflators for mil-spec life preservers.

  • Dormant Circuitry design allows for maximum battery life

  • Automatically activates within 3 seconds upon water immersion

  • Manual Activation arm with lanyard

  • EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) shielded to prevent interference with other electronics

  • HERO Safe assures safety and reliability 

  • Designed and tested to meet MIL-STD-810 Environmental Protection

  • USN & USAF Qualified.


FLU-8B/P   1377-01-590-0159

FLU-9B/P   1377-01-590-0158

FLU-12P 1377-01-590-0933


FLU-8B/P   01-0-04-100-0AA

FLU-9B/P   01-0-04-200-0AA

FLU-12P 01-0-04-000-0AA

Kit Includes:

Automatic Inflator, Battery, CO2 Cylinder (29g or 35g), small + large gaskets


Approximately 4.8 ounces (136 grams) without CO2 Cylinder

Approved Inflator & Life Preserver Configurations:

-8 B/P Inflator FLU-9 B/P Inflator FLU-12P Inflator
LPU - 23 C/P + D/P Life Preserver LPU - 9/P Life Preserver MK-1 Deck Crew Life Preserver
LPU - 36/P Life Preserver LPU - 38/P Life Preserver
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