Helmet communication tester XABH-9000


  • Easy-to-use tester for Pre-and Post-flight, as well as fault-diagnosis of Gentex helmet communication during service
  • Provides a very quick feedback and diagnosis of the comm system, and capability to track intermittent errors
  • Electrical circuit test as well as audio test of earphones and microphones
  • Visual indication of actual impedance of mic and earphones
  • Measures and tests both low and high impedance earphones and microphones, dynamic as well as electret amplified etc.
  • Visual display and audio feature
  • Possible to preset acceptable impedance values for mic and earphones based on used helmet configuration, with Good or Error indication
  • Adapter kit to test CEP available
  • Carry pouch included, various adapter kits for various comm plugs available
  • Intended for indoor workshop use, battery driven (AA)
pdf pdf/helmet-tester-xabh-9000-users-guide
pdf pdf/helmet-tester-xabh-9000-pds