Gentex AHNR system (Aircrew Helmet Noise Reduction)


Gentex Corporation’s new aircrew helmet noise reduction (AHNR) technology is DoD and MoD qualified to reduce noise exposure for aircrew flying in louder aircraft and during longer missions. Available pre-installed in compatible helmets or field retrofittable, AHNR technology can be deployed in aircraft or battery-powered configurations, and at high and low impedances to enable use in all aircrafts. Adding or upgrading to AHNR technology in aircrew helmet systems improves aircrew hearing protection and overall system performance.


  • Qualified by U.S. DoD for use in HGU-55/P, direct replacement for the standard headset/earcup assembly 
  • Qualified for use in Alpha 900 and HGU-55/P (HGU-56/P pending approval)
  • Battery powered (AA) or aircraft (28V) powered options available
  • Utilizes both Feed-back and Feed-Forward Algorithms
  • Can be programmed to address aircraft or phase of flight noise fields
  • EMI/EMC compliance at 200 V/m exposure from 2MHz to 18 GHz
  • Immunity from Sound Pressure Level spikes. Gunfire or other explosive noises can cause commercial ANR systems to shut down
  • Meets explosive decompression of harsh military environments
pdf pdf/gentex-corporation-ahnr-technology-data-sheet-2-