Aerial Tactical Air Crewman Life Vest

» Fully modular life vest for helicopter crew in FR material Cordura Nylon/Halotech
» Several standard modular removable pockets and flotation as well as customization
» Integrated inner pockets for signal- and med-kit
» Integrated lift harnesses in front and back
» Modular design => Flexibility and cost efficiencent
» Quick and inexpensive replacement of pockets and collars for different types of flight missions
» Quick replacement of damaged components => reduced downtime and cost for service & repair
» One-size-fit-all => fewer vests needed for stockFewer spares, simple fitting and possible to share vest between crew shifts
» Unique and ergonomically optimized design which distributes the weight over the whole body instead of only neck and shoulders
» Simple fitting of sizes for different users and integration with new equipment (immersion suits, body armor, winter clothing etc)
» Many different types of accessory pockets and flotation (single- or dual chamber) and levels of boyancy are available
» Simple and reliable assembly and disassembly with mollie-system
» Simplified and reduced cost for service & repairFully integrated with Aerial/Switlik one-man-raft