Aerial Survivor no profile Life Vest

» The survivor system is a modular system which is unique in the way that it has no visible flotation collar that can interfere with other equipment such as Helmet and NVG.
» The flotation bladder is integrated in the vest itself all the way from the neck down to the waist. Both single- and dual chamber.
» The bladder activates when you push the handle, and when it fills, the front of the vest opens and makes room for the bladder.
» The close placement of the bladder gives the user a very god angle in the water.
» The modular system with molle makes the system highly flexible and very easy to adjust to different users in different environments.
» 40-50% lower weight compared to other molle vests with bladder.
» We offer both modular standard pockets and custumized pockets.
» The one-size-fits-all concept provides cost-effective storage and maintenance of the system.
» The maintenance is quick and efficient because worn and old pockets can easily be replaced with new.
» The vest features a very good ergonomy, in that the vest design makes the shoulders and neck relieved during flight.
» The vest comes both as a lite-version and a leg-strap-version, which allows lifting operations and safe anchoring.
» The vest is prepared for Aerials MURA quick-release system.
» The vest is designed accordning to the U.S TSO standards.
» The total cost of this system is lower compared to the same system with flotation collar and vest.